The Way CNC Solutions Operates

  • Quoting a Job

When a company reaches out to us about creating custom machinery to optimize their workplace, we set up a meeting with them, ideally in person. If that is not an option, we also can schedule virtual meetings. This can happen via phone call, web meeting, or in person. We then begin to determine the scale of the job, we can begin developing a scope or a plan. Next comes the quoting process which starts with the sequence of operations. We first have to figure out the steps we need to take in our sequence of operations. Once we figure out these steps, we are able to determine the material, research and development, and labor costs to set a final price for the product. This opens the doors for the management of the project.

  • Sales Process

We begin the sales process by meeting with a company that is trying to take advantage of the fact that we will save them money and improve their performance in both the short and long run. After we learn about the task that they want automated, our salesmen and engineers meet to discuss how we can automate the process. We brainstorm ideas and focus on how we can make the automation efficient as well as fit the customer’s budget. We then design the system. After the design is completed we show it to the customer highlighting the features, risks, amount of money saved, cost, etc. If they approve and are satisfied we move forward with the actual creation of the automated machine. This requires a partial down payment from the customer, and the machine gets gradually paid for after completion through the payment plan process.

  • Project Management

At CNC Solutions we use a hybrid project management approach that can be both incremental and iterative. After our customer kickoff meeting, we start with a rough concept design phase and get the customer’s feedback to determine we all have the same vision for the automation system we are developing. Only after we, along with the customer, have the rough concept correct, we move into the preliminary design phase. At the end of the preliminary design phase, we invite the customer to our facility for a formal ‘deep dive’ into the assemblies we have designed for automating their process. Upon design approval from the customer, we will enter into the final design phase. This phase includes full detailing on designed components and getting all remaining custom items on order. The next phases of our projects include; build, debug, program, test, and runoff. Upon runoff acceptance, we will ship the system, install and commission it at the customer’s facility. Throughout the project, we enjoy regular communication and collaboration with our customers.

  • Terms and Conditions

Each order has the same set of standard terms and conditions. There is an acceptance of the order on the final proposal, which essentially says that the purchaser accepts our terms and conditions and can no longer negotiate price, procedures, materials, or services. We offer free onboard shipping provided by CNC Solutions. Payments can either be paid upfront or paid over a period of time. The payment terms consist of forty percent due at signing, thirty percent due after the design is approved, and twenty percent prior to shipping. The final ten percent payment is due thirty days after delivery, to which documentation is provided within ten days after the receipt of the final payment is received. Delivery times are based on the complexity, engineering, and delivery times of components purchased by CNC Solutions. Estimated delivery times are provided in greater detail at the time of the order. The purchasing company agrees to complete the payment in full, within thirty days of receiving the product. CNC Solutions is available for support and assistance during the formal acceptance runoff if required.